Mini Maker Faire Brighton

Last Saturday we attended the (not so) Mini Maker Faire in Brighton.

Maker Faires are events created to celebrate “arts & crafts, robots and engineering, wood and metalwork, electronics, science, tech, music and more amazing do-it-yourself creation.”

This year over 7,000 people poured through the doors to see a diverse range of exhibits; from using 3D printers to recreate a statue of Alan Turing to making cola from an open source recipe reverse-engineered from the original Coke, and about everything in-between.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire giant gull

Photo by barnoid

We are particularly interested in technology that combines the digital and physical spaces and two exhibits caught our eye.

Hintsights is a London based start-up developing services and a products that revolve around the concept of the feedback network. At the Faire they were demonstrating their cloud-based software, which “aggregates, filters, compares and watches trends in your data”. And Pip, below, a feedback display for visualising that data.

Photo by Hintsights

Lightpot by Chi-Tek is an interactive ‘light’ teapot. You text Lightpot with the name of a colour and lo and behold the colour changes.

The teapot is made out of class, white wire and the colour is provided by LED lights. Great fun and very cool.

Photo by Tine Bech